method is based on Swedish research

We are Sweden's leading experts in motivation
Vi utgår från världens mest aktuella motivationsforskning – Self Determination Theory. Vi har vidareutvecklat och validerat metoden sedan 2011 och idag har över 17 000 personer gjort vår analys. Forskning bedrivs i samarbete med Malmö Universitet. 

Our Method

MyNeeds® has a tool that analyzes each team's unique playfield to become even more high-performing. Through the understanding of our Psychological Needs we can reduce the risk of groupthink and open up for more perspectives in order to increased profitability and create better working environments. 

Self-Determination Theory describes how people are driven by our inner motivation. Our Swedish method has further developed the framework into more detailed variables that show how the Psychological Needs affect our motivation. 

People are complex enough as individuals so the complexity increases exponentially in teams. Our method analyzes 720 different combinations of outcomes when we analyse teams. To help managers in their work, MyNeeds® visualize each team's unique playfield and how they affect the company as a whole. This creates a stronger foundation to lead in a complex system like as a company. 

The value

  • A foundation for sustainable profitability - how your business can become more profitable with the help of MyNeeds®
  • Increased motivation leads to 20% higher profitability according to Gallup
  • Proven method based on research
  • Current situation analysis to make the right decisions going forward
  • Tools to create a high performing team 
  • Tools to work independently

What is the platform?

Our platform helps you increase the motivation in the organization with the help of the most current research. We know that motivated employees is at the foundation of sustainable profitability.

Over the past 10 years, customers in various industries, have like for example IKEA and IBM, experienced the effect of working with MyNeeds® as a method. Working strategically with motivation leads to 20%, increased profitability, 40% lower levels of absence and 70% fewer incidents according to Gallup.

Desiree Rova


"Why do we do what we do?" Was the question behind the development of MyNeeds® as a method.

Our research-based method consists of:

  • Motivation survey – 5 min
  • Individual analysis - 10 minutes to analyse Psychological Needs
  • Team analysis – kartläggning och analys av team
  • Company analysis - analysis of all teams and how they affect the company as a whole