Become an expert at intrinsic

We at MyNeeds® are experts on motivation and provide certification training for you who want to work with motivation on an individual, group and organizational level. 

You are welcome to contact us with questions regarding certification.

Level 1

Motivation-based self-leadership

- 2 days.

The education is for you who work wit HR, leadership, training, organizational development or change management. 

Denna utbildning är även för dig som vill fördjupa din kunskap om de psykologiska behoven inifrån och ut. 

The training is based on the book: Motivated! A handbook in motivation based leadership. One of the authors holds the training. The book is part of the training.

Level 2

The motivated employee

 - 1 day

The education is for those who want to work with MyNeeds® method on an individual level. The training is certifying and gives you tools on how to help employees get in touch and take responsibility for their inner motivation towards increased well-being. 

Level 3

The motivated group

– 1,5 days

This training is for those who want to work with MyNeeds® method in groups and organizations. You will receive training in our workshop method and transform groups into teams. The training is certifying. 

As a licensee, you get: access to MyNeeds® platform, training materials, templates, skills development, support and a network of other experts around Sweden.

Note! All training steps include preparatory work and final exams.

Who is this training for?
For you who want to work with motivation

    • Personal development
    • Group development
    • Organisational development