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Our history

"Why did I do that?" or "why did they do that?" is the recurring question that people want the answers to. We try to find simple explanatory models to understand people's different personalities, ranging from assigning them different color categories to being referred to as animals.

Humans are complex and therefor we don't think it's very surprising that it can be challenging to try to understand people's behaviors and personalities. We have several layers of our psychology and each of us are at different levels of our knowledge and awareness in our personal development. It is very rare that a layer of people's knowledge matches with another person's. You notice it when you try to explain something that you think is obvious to another person who has a hard time relating to what you are talking about. 

Researchers in psychology have been trying to answer these questions for over a hundred years, but still have not succeeded to give an explanation that gets us all the way. We are often unaware of the gaps in our consciousness. In the same way comes MyNeeds® gives you a new experience. When you internalise the information that is provided, you will gain new insights - insights that give you a new levels of awareness - but also a new perspective on how to view and understand people. Understanding people is not only about understanding their personality, but also about understanding how you can best communicate with them. 

The insight regarding our six Psychological Needs has helped me to understand all my life decisions, what made me feel good and bad, why some relationships worked better than others, why I enjoyed some jobs and not others. All of a sudden there was a common thread in everything. It was therefore obvious for me that I wanted to work towards developing a tool that could measure these needs. The result was MyNeeds®, which won the innovation award from Vinnova in 2013 as the first Swedish tool that could measure psychological needs on an individual level.

Since then, at MyNeeds®, we have successfully trained thousands of people in the knowledge of our Unconscious Psychological Needs. The purpose is to spread the knowledge about how the six psychological needs affect us as individuals so that we can find better ways take responsibility for our own well-being. When we feel good, we also create a better environment by influencing people around us in a positive direction.

The inner journey is reflected in our outer environment. Personal development and getting to know oneself, to become a self-reflective being, are the core of being able to better understand other people. For me, the question of why some individuals do not deliver was a puzzle to solve. After asking hundreds of managers who could not help me answer this, I came to create the conditions for a three-year research project. A research project which is at heart of my business idea - to contribute so that more people can gain knowledge about how they are affected by their often unconscious Psychological Needs. The idea of MyNeeds® was born! With innovation contributions from VINNOVA, the first Swedish self-assessment tool that measured our psychological needs could be developed. MyNeeds® was now a reality and has since reached thousands of people in many different companies and organizations. 

The validity of the tool has been tested again and again because thousands of people through personal feedback have had the opportunity to reflect on their results from MyNeeds® and compare this with their own life experiences. They have then experienced that the MyNeeds® results are in alignment with their own experiences. 

Desiree RovaFounder

"Varför gör vi som vi gör?" - Det var fråga som ledde till MyNeeds® framväxt.