Motivated! A guide towards motivation-based leadership!

Do you know what motivates your employees?

Do you have someone in your group who hates uncertainty and wants to avoid unnecessary risks of all kinds? Or who, on the contrary, love when unexpected and exciting things happen and think routine tasks are pure death? Or maybe you have a colleague who remembers everyone's birthdays, asks how you are after your cold and suggests that the whole group should eat lunch together on Friday?

This book describes six unconscious psychological needs that have a major impact on our lives. For most of us, two of these needs are stronger than the other four. Only when they are satisfied do we feel good and can feel that strong inner motivation, both privately and at work.

MOTIVATED! helps you as a manager to identify these needs in both yourself and your employees. The book gives you the keys to motivation-based leadership and shows how you can create stronger, smarter and more innovative teams. It also shows how you can communicate in a way that creates an impact and strengthens your employees' motivation - at the core.

Desirée Rova är HR- och organisationskonsult och grundare av MyNeeds®. 

Maria Appelqvist is a university lecturer and one of the pioneers in professional coaching in Sweden.

Lär känna dina superhjältar

Boken handlar om att alla har två superhjältar med olika superkrafter som vi inte känner till.

I den här boken kommer du att få lära känna dina osynliga superkrafter som hjälper dig att förstå dig själv och andra. Superhjältarnas egenskaper utgår från MyNeeds® forskning om motivation som förklarar vad som gör att vissa saker är roligare än andra.

Lär känna dina superhjältar – Chanelle Thysell – Bok (9789151946009) | Bokus